The Northern container gym was born from recognising that access to fitness has changed dramatically over the course of the pandemic, with many choosing to workout from home as well as, or instead of, going to a gym.

This has led to home gyms rising in popularity, with many struggling for indoor space, yet wanting to have their own equipment to use according to their new schedule, particularly now working from home has become a much more viable option for most.

The Northern container gym looks to resolve this issue for those with the appropriate available space, while also offering access to sports facilities to communities, grass-roots sports teams, infrastructure projects, the emergency services and more.

Each container gym comes packed with equipment to your specification, with electrical wiring, your own vinyl printed cladding on the inside, flooring and more. Each unit is entirely customisable, so get in touch and we’ll talk it through with you, to help you decide what’s right for you.

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