20kg Olympic Barbell and 100kg Bumper Plates Set

20kg Olympic Barbell and 100kg Bumper Plates Set



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20kg Olympic Barbell and 100kg Bumper Plates Set

Here we have our 100kg + Barbell package deal! Within the package you will get our premier barbell The Northern, along with 100kg in bumper plates and two barbell collars. Here’s a little information on each of them:

The Northern / Northern Stealth Barbell

Here we have our premier Olympic barbells, the Northern and Northern Stealth.

Both barbells are strong and durable, made of high-grade spring-steel and finished in hard chrome. The needle bearings help here too, again helping with durability over conventional ball bearings, but also helping with to give good whip for Olympic lifts like the clean or snatch.

The Northern barbells have been rigorously tested by the manufacturer, demonstrating the ability to hold over 700kg while retaining their shape. Northern Olympic barbells measure 7ft in length with a 2″ diameter, weighing 20kg.

Its key features are:

  • Made of high grade spring steel
  • Hard chrome finish
  • Measures 220cm x 2.8cm
  • Weighs 20kg
  • Tensile Strength 190k PSI
  • Maximum load of 700kg
  • 10NK needle bearing
  • Standard knurling with dual ring marks

100kg of Bumper Plate

Ideal for home or light commercial use, Northern plates are made of hard-wearing rubber to protect from damage in use, especially with the likes of Olympic lifting.

The plates in this deal give a good break down of weights, with a high overall level, but with the flexibility to allow you to build up your training regime.

The key features are:

  • Manufactured from premium black rubber
  • 2 inch centre hole to fit standardised barbells
  • Outer diameter – 45cm
  • Plate thickness ranging from 2.6cm to 8.9cm across the range
  • Stainless steel inner cover
  • Two of each of 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg plates
Weight N/A

Northern (black & chrome) barbell, Stealth (all black barbell), Chrome (all silver chrome)

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